ski coaching in Les 2 Alpes

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TipTop Ski Coaching GAP course is an 8 week course. 

Training for 5 weeks of this course is delivered by trainers employed directly by TipTop ski coaching, the other 3 weeks of this Gap course are delivered by BASI Trainers supplied and approved by BASI under our BASI Partner Agreement.

Our TipTop gap course includes a Basi level 1 course in the beginning and a Basi level 2 course at the end.

The TipTop gap course is fully organised with accomodation, liftpasses, training and exam weeks. If you are not able to do 8 weeks, we can arrange for a shorter period of time. 

Our GAP course starts on monday. On sunday evening we all meet to get to know your team mates with whom you will train for 8 weeks and your trainers. 
A fun evening where you can ask questions, where you'll meet nice people, where you can team up, where you can have a laugh,..... A good start to a fantastic summer!!!!

Week 1: 

  • Basi level 1 preparation course
  • 5 days skiing on Les 2 Alpes glacier 
  • Improving your personal performance
  • Talking about the fundamentals of skiing 
  • 'Central theme': BASI's progression to teach beginners
  • Video analysis
  • Introduction to ski prep

Week 2:

  • 'Central theme' and beyond: introduction to all the strands to make you a more versatile skier
  • Personal performance and teaching skills
  • Video analysis

Week 3:

  • BASI alpine level 1 course: BASI provides us with the highest quality examiners, who will join us in Deux Alpes to train and assess you as level 1 ski instructors. It is continual assessment throughout the week, thus giving everyone a perfect opportunity to train and learn the necessary skills and knowledge throughout the week. 

Week 4 - 6:

  • Personal performance clinics - shorts, longs, gates, variables and bumps
  • Race training - GS and Slalom: Race training is the best way to develop all four of the ‘Performance Threads’ needed for BASI level 2.
  • Skischool shadowing - on piste, bookings, marketing and customer care
  • Ski prep course
  • Teaching skills 
  • Careers seminar
  • Recruitment service
  • Video analysis
  • Personal goal setting and progress

Week 7 - 8:

  • Basi alpine level 2 course: a 2 week continual assessment and training course with a BASI trainer
  • performance clinics / teaching clinics in middle free weekend

 Dates for 2016:  TBC
 8 weeks course: monday to friday, weekends off
For more information please call Alexandra on 0033 678420505 or email Nele or Alexandra on [email protected]

Book early to avoid dissapointment: limited spaces!!



Including 8 weeks of training (5 days per week), skipass, accomodation (shared appartment), food, course fees, basi membership, free present upon arrival. 

Excluding paid activities, transport to and from Les 2 Alpes, personal insurance, clinics during the weekend

Students that are unfortunately unsuccessful at BASI level 2 will have to take further training following their action plan and then take a re-assessment at their own cost at a later date. Continued support and advice will be given towards the best way to move forward.
The training is 5 days per week, weekend off. We offer extra activities to make your weekend worthwhile!! We also offer extra clinics during the weekend if neccesary.
See our extra activity page for a detailed list of activities!!
See our extra clinics page for a detailed list of clinics!!

And of course we are happy to accomodate you even longer if you want to to an extra week of race training or a level 3 preparation week!

We also have contact with 2 Austrian skischools to get some work experience or we can help you with a seasonal job in Les 2 Alpes.

Please feel free to contact us and we sent you an information pack.

BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISSAPOINTMENT: only limited spaces!!!