ski coaching in Les 2 Alpes

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Feedback from clients this summer:

  • I thought the week was very professionally run - with the courses set before we arrived up so we were ready to go. I liked the courses you set - they were developmental rather than just being a half ET course and allowed us to make changes. I've always though that running a half ET simulation course 6,7,8 times is pointless anyway as everyone will speed up as they get familiar with the course but in the real thing you don't get that many runs.  Paul, UK

  • This may not have been my `best` skiing, but it was certainly my best on those skis / in gates and after the previous Friday`s rubbish it was good to gain some confidence and start using those skis.I appreciate your planning, your setting and input. It was a great week, inspite the vagaries of the weather... We obviously got a big advantage being such a small group,  you have a good set up and good image and as a female team you have a useful market distinction. You were very helpful, positive and willing to do more than asked for; all to your credit too. Dave, UK

  • My best 4 weeks of skiing in my life! The coaching is very professional and very individual! Very clear comments and good exercises to get your skiing to the next level. Ségolène, Belgium

  • I should have stayed 2 weeks instead of only one. My skiing got a lot better and now i have to wait until winter to practice what i've learned! Natalie, Belgium.

  • I found Nele and Alex to be generous with their time. They were always prepared to take the lesson over the finish time to get in that extra practice for me. I very much appreciated the atmosphere during the lesson with a good balance being found between challenging and encouraging me. I found the instruction on the slopes easy to understand and I got so much out of the video analysis of my technique. I particularly enjoyed chatting on the ski lift about all things skiing. I found it so stimulating being in this fully immersed ski environment. I am very looking forward to returning next summer. Conrad, UK